Clic-Light V2

This innovative device allows users to be noticed with a car-like light display system strapped to their backs, whether they are caught in bad weather during the day or on an unlit road at night. It has been proven to improve safety and significantly reduce the risk of colliding with other road users from behind or from the side.

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Product Details

✔️ Signalling Unit: includes left and right indicators, brake light, position light, fog light, and hazard warning lights

✔️ Adjustable and removable high-quality harness with Scratch Bands, to which the movable unit is fastened.
(This consists of a mounting bracket with a Scratch strip to fasten the movable unit or other stands)

✔️ Wireless Remote Control + Holder

✔️ 8-wire cable to connect to the rear signaling system of a motorcycle.

✔️ USB type C cables to recharge the Signalling Unit and Remote Control